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Samsung Galaxy M12 . MAXIMUM ORDER QUANTINTY- 1 .*please note that order quantity more than one is ineligible for the prize draw


Product Details
Dream Cloud Keychain is a handmade product created from natural bamboo. It consists of a metal ring to hold keys, a short chain and a handcrafted bamboo decoration. It is lightweight, non-toxic, irritation-free and eco-friendly. The 'U' dent in the design is a special feature that allows you to secure your mobile phone on any flat surface for hands-free viewing of the screen. Every keychain also comes with the prestigious Dream Cloud logo etched into it. There will be slight variation in colour as the texture of bamboo differs. The Dream Cloud Keychain is a part of the maiden product range introducing you to the Dream Cloud Shopping Experience. By purchasing this product, you are welcome to join Dream Cloud's vision of sustainable and eco-friendly entrepreneurship. Let us shift from plastic to biodegradable products and reduce the carbon footprints to protect our beautiful planet for future generations. Dream Cloud Multipurpose Bamboo keychain makes use of bamboo and not plastic. The use of bamboo promotes the use of biodegradable products and bamboo cultivation. You can check out many other Dream Cloud merchandise made from bamboo. Product features: Material: Natural Bamboo Colour: Natural